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V GFSkeleFlex

SKU Content Price
2825 120 Capsules $54.00
SkeleFlex utilizes MCHC form of calcium. This is a whole food product. Contains all the minerals and organic and non-organic materials that comprise bone in the proper ratios.

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V VitalCleanse 7 Day Kit

VitalCleanse 7 Day Kit
SKU Content Price
31157 Chocolate $171.00
31207 Vanilla $171.00
VitalCleanse 7 Day Kit from The Focal Evolve™ is a powerhouse comprehensive, lactose- and fructose-free, low- allergy- potential, vegan dietary supplement trio that is designed to renew and enhance the body’s cleansing and detoxification capabilities.

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V GFVitalCleanse GHI

VitalCleanse GHI
SKU Content Price
3115 Chocolate $98.50
3120 Vanilla $98.50
VitalCleanse GHI Total vegan formula. Tastes amazing, mixing smooth, great mouth feel and texture that allows people to mix with just water so easy to utilize from home or traveling. Complete formula delivers powerful macro and micro nutrients. Activated B's. Albion Chelated minerals, over 1100 mg inflammatory regulating herbs, glutamine is high for GI rebuilding, specific herbs and nutrients to optimize phase 1 and 2 detox pathways.

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V GFWheyBetter 2000

WheyBetter 2000
SKU Content Price
3225 150 g $78.50
WheyBetter 2000 are bioactive Immunoglobulins. Body that has been immune compromised or under stress or inflammation for long periods of time will produce less IgA to protect the gut barrer due to a lack of resources. This formula is a surrogate to replace missing immunoglobulins that help to neutralize exposure to virus, bacteria and food or environmental challenges.

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