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V GFAller-Lung Support™

Aller-Lung Support™
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FR135 90 Capsules $24.98
Aller-Lung Support™ is formulated using herbs, nutrients, flavanols, and enzymes to support a healthy immune response. Quercetin is a polyphenolic bioflavonoid—bioflavonoids are thought to be responsible for the therapeutic effects of quercetin.

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SKU Content Price
FR142 90 Capsules $26.98
Anxie-Tone™ is formulated with whole food-derived B vitamins, nutrients, herbs, and glandulars to encourage healthy cellular and energy metabolism. The use of cytotrophins allows for targeted nutritive support to promote healthy brain function.

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GFComplete Ear Health™

Complete Ear Health™
SKU Content Price
FR249 90 Capsules $32.98
Complete Ear Health™ is a whole food supplement formulated with nutrients and herbs to maintain and support ear health. This targeted blend is formulated with both Western and Traditional Chinese herbs, plus antioxidants vitamin C and coenzyme Q10, to support the body’s natural elimination processes.

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GFComplete Eye Health™

Complete Eye Health™
SKU Content Price
FR255 90 Capsules $39.98
Complete Eye Health™ is a holistic, nutritive formula that supplies micronutrients, phytonutrients, vitamins, fats, glandulars, and herbs to promote optimal eye health. This targeted blend is formulated with antioxidant-rich phytosterols to help maintain optical cellular protection.

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GFComplete Smell & Taste™

Complete Smell & Taste™
SKU Content Price
FR260 90 Capsules $32.98
Complete Smell & Taste™ is a holistic, whole food formula that supplies minerals and nutritive glandulars to support optimal taste and smell. Combined bovine and goat cytotrophins provide targeted, nutrient-rich support.

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