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Vegetarian Adrenal™ GF V

Vegetarian Adrenal™
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Vegetarian Adrenal™ is a 100% vegan food supplement intended to nutritionally support the adrenal glands and help support biochemical imbalances associated with cortisol production. 

  • Supports healthy adrenal glands
  • Energy enhancement
  • Helps deal with stress

Vegetarian Adrenal™ is basically food intended for the adrenal glands (it is not advised if breastfeeding). If additional endocrine support is indicated, consider adding Vegetarian Thyro or Vegetarian Tyrosine. The adrenal glands play a role in energy, stress, mood, and even pain control. The adrenal glands have probably the greatest store of vitamin C in the body. 

Supplement Facts
Supplement Facts
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