Celluma Light Therapy: Therapeutics Beyond Laser

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Speaker(s): Denise Ryan

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If you’ve always wanted to understand the differences and similarities between LED and LASER devices, and learning how light therapy upregulates cellular response for enhanced results as well as integrating light therapy treatments into your existing practice then this Webinar will provide the answers. Learn the science behind the technology and the clinical applications and therapeutic benefits for you, your practice, and your patients. 

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About the speaker(s)

Denise Ryan

Denise Ryan

Denise has over 30 years’ sales, marketing and product management experience in dental and medical device manufacturing. Denise’s secret weapon is her unique ability to uncover what’s truly special about a product or service and then passionately enroll others in that belief. Denise has been with Biophotas since January 2012 as Celluma Product Manager, Director of Sales and currently serves as the Global Vice President of Brand Management. Denise writes and speaks internationally on the science and benefits of low-level light therapy.