Functional Medicine Academy™ Certificate Program (F M A Prepay)

Speaker(s): Brandy Zachary, DC, AFMCP

Price: $1700.00

Aduco Academy is proud to offer the Functional Medicine Academy™ certificate program taught by Brandy Zachary, DC, AFMCP, to all Aduco account holders. 

The Functional Medicine approach focuses on the science, art, and business of running a holistic health practice. Here at Aduco, we want to educate practitioners in a wide array of techniques, from conventional medicine to holistic health. We want to help you utilize the best of both Western and Eastern expertise. Beyond crisis care, we focus on natural methods of “prevention” and lifestyle changes aimed at avoiding the many chronic diseases currently plaguing our society. Our broad scope touches on nutrition (diet, supplementation, herbal therapy), lifestyle recommendations (sleep, stress, movement, mindfulness), and practitioner-specific tools (applied kinesiology, chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, muscle testing, energy work, urine tests, gut health testing, hormone testing, thyroid testing, genetic testing). All of these strategies are aimed at maximizing practitioner - patient communication. 

In partnership with Life Chiropractic College West, we offer the FMA Certificate of Completion upon successful conclusion of 72 hours of approved coursework.  

  • You may earn the Functional Medicine AcademyTM Certified Practitioner (FMACP) certificate upon completion of the program if you are a licensed MD, DO, DC, ND, OMD, PhD, LAc, RN, or NP.
  • You may earn the Functional Medicine AcademyTM Certified Coach (FMACC) certificate upon completion of the program if you are a CMT, CNC, health coach, or student interested in nutrition.

The coursework must be completed in a 24-month period beginning on the date of the first seminar taken. If the coursework is not completed within 24 months, a reinstatement fee of $150 will be charged. The FMA courses may be taken individually and in any order. Certification requires that you complete all 9 classes, pass the certification test (score 70% or higher), and submit a case review.


  • The Functional Health & Nutrition Exam
  • Belly Aches & Bloating Part 1 & 2
  • More Than Cholesterol
  • Food as Medicine
  • Waiting List Practice
  • Depression as a Symptom
  • A Modern Approach to Alzheimer’s
  • Just Plain Tired


Pay a one-time, non-refundable program fee of $1,700 (program value $3,050), which includes $550 enrollment fee, tuition for all attended FMA approved seminars, certificate from Life Chiropractic College West, engraved wall plaque, online certification test, and case review. This does not include CEU processing fees.  Call Customer Service for details at 800.662.9134

To enroll, call our Customer Service at 800.662.9134 or email at!


The Functional Health & Nutrition Exam 

Belly Aches & Bloating Part 1 

Belly Aches & Bloating Part 2 

About the speaker(s)

Brandy Zachary, DC, AFMCP

Brandy Zachary, DC, AFMCP

BRANDY ZACHARY, DC, AFMCP discovered the power of functional medicine first hand when a "mystery illness" left her declared permanently disabled. Unwilling to accept that diagnosis, she fought back to regain her health and then launched Body Love Cafe, a holistic health clinic in Walnut Creek, CA. She combines all of her previous work experience (author, business consultant, researcher) to train other practitioners in clinical competence and rapid practice growth. She is the lead instructor for the Functional Medicine Academy™ and has completed extensive post-graduate coursework.