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Speaker(s): Fred Marshall

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Join Fred Marshall as he shares his journey through the world of CBD and how he came to own and operate CBD Mendo. He will offer a brief history of CBD and how the CBD Mendo delivery system is different than most products on the market.

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Fred Marshall

Fred Marshall

Fred Marshall, founder of CBD Mendo, graduated from Stanford University in 1968; he attended (and later instructed) at the horticultural school of Alan Chadwick, the founder of the "Biodynamic-French Intensive" approach to agriculture. Fred has been fortunate enough to attend many seminars presented by Alex Podolinsky, who developed innovative biodynamic practices and refinements to the production and application of the biodynamic preparations in Europe and Australia.  
20 years ago Fred was introduced to cannabis as a way of relief for the strain of many years of farming, and it was a game changer for him. Fred found a group of cannabis breeders in Mendocino County who were selecting out THC and improving CBD and other medicinal constituents of the plant, and he was quick to join them. 
High CBD varieties were developed, followed by a tincture. The tincture was developed in response to a group of mothers who sought an alternative to sugar-laden edibles as a CBD delivery system for their children.  In 2015, his tincture was awarded first place at the Emerald Cup for “Best CBD Product”.  Fred’s tincture was one of the first and still one of the only traditional (directly infused) CBD alcohol tinctures on the market.
He has been applying and developing this practice for over 45 years of teaching and farming. In addition to instructing agriculture at Mendocino Community College and Mendocino County Schools, Fred has presented numerous agricultural seminars throughout United States and Canada. 
Fred has attended many of the seminars offered by ADUCO as a guest of Dr. Gerald Cohen. Fred is grateful to Dr. Cohen for the doors he has opened to his current understanding of the deeper aspects of health and healing.