The Magic Of Muscle Testing Animals

Speaker(s): Sue Howell, DVM

Price: FREE

A pet’s body can tell you where it is imbalanced and which food or supplement will help them the most - all you need to do is ask. This webinar will teach you how to perform a simple hands-on evaluation of the nervous system, organs and cells that will give you real-time information on where and how to target your nutritional support. No lab test is needed and no more guessing which supplement or supplements are best for each pet. You can also use this method to gauge cell response, and to fine-tune your dosing with some surprising results.

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About the speaker(s)

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Sue Howell, DVM

Dr. Sue Howell began integrating whole food therapies with conventional medicine over 20 years ago, a transition that revitalized her passion for veterinary medicine. This experience led her to a position with Standard Process where she had the opportunity to educate other veterinarians about the power of whole foods. Her interest in wholistic medicine has expanded to include certification in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine acupuncture and food therapy from the Chi Institute, and graduating from advanced clinical training in Nutrition Response Testing from Ulan Nutritional Systems. In December of 1997 she opened Thrive Wholistic Veterinary Care, a practice dedicated to changing lives, one pet at a time, through nutrition, whole food therapy and acupuncture.