Nutrition Therapy For The Recovering Addict

Speaker(s): Lauren Strangio

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This webinar will dive into the organ systems that need nutritional support after an addiction lifestyle. We all have addictions to some degree, and sometimes they can get the better of us. During the addiction process, our body can lack the nutrition needed to maintain optimal health.

Therapeutic nutrition may be needed to help the body restore itself. This is where we can look at the products Aduco offers to help get the body functioning properly.

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About the speaker(s)

Lauren Strangio

Lauren Strangio

Lauren Strangio is a Board Certified Nutrition Consultant. She is the co-owner of a Northern California based Nutrition practice called Natural Health Improvement Center and co-owner of the largest Gym in Mendocino County, Ukiah Valley Athletic Club. While suffering from addiction in her past she found health and wellness to be her path to resilience.
While getting her Personal Training Certification in 2015 through the National Academy of Sports Medicine she decided to specialize in Nutrition. In 2018 after working for a Utility company for 12 years and enrolled in Bauman College, she made the leap into opening her practice with business partner, Kelly Miller and left the corporate world behind. Lauren is now co-owner of Natural Health Improvement Center where she specializes in Nutrition Therapies using the Morphogenic Field Technique created by Dr. Frank Springob, DC. Lauren offers Nutrition Therapy in her private practice as well as having many clients she sees by phone or zoom.