Clinical Power Hour With Dr. Brockenshire: Stress, Aging, Sleep

Speaker(s): Davis Brockenshire, DC

A FREE, one-hour, live webinar, called “Clinical Power Hour with Dr. Brockenshire: Stress, Aging, Sleep." In this one-hour webinar, Dr. Brokenshire will discuss: ➕ Stress: HPA axis, endocrine system ➕ Aging: the role of NAD ➕ Sleep: the critical role of melatonin for health

About the speaker(s)

Davis Brockenshire, DC

Davis Brockenshire, Dc

Dr. Brockenshire graduated from Logan University in St. Louis, MO in 2000. He has completed post-graduate certification in Applied Kinesiology, Naturopathy, Phytotherapy, Clinical Nutrition, Athletic Injury Management, Pediatrics, Homeopathy, Rehabilitation, and is a Certified Blood Type practitioner. Dr. Brockenshire is Board Certified in Physical Therapy. Dr. Brockenshire also holds degrees in Human Biology from Logan University, and an Honors in Finance and International Marketing from the University of Windsor. As a former professional cyclist, Dr. Brockenshire has had the opportunity to explore the limits of human performance as a coach and physician for other professionals and amateurs alike. Practicing in Plymouth, Michigan, Dr. Brockenshire employees a holistic wellness approach to family healthcare.

Originally from Canada, Dr. Brockenshire is currently practicing in Plymouth, MI. He and his family have lived in the USA since 1996. Dr. Brockenshire is an International lecturer for other health care providers on such topics as Herbal Therapy, Detoxification, Pediatric Nutrition, and Pain Management.