Turmeric: A Neurological Focus

Speaker(s): Lee Carroll, BSc, BHSc

This webinar will explore the use of Bioavailable Turmeric to support healthy neurological function with a focus on healthy mood and memory. Relevant and current clinical research will be presented including meta-analyse.

About the speaker(s)

Lee Carroll, BSc, BHSc

Lee Carroll, Bsc, Bhsc

Lee Carroll, BSc, BHSc (WHM) is a practicing medical herbalist and herbal educator with 30 years’ experience in the herbal industry.

Having the good fortune to work together with one of the world’s most influential herbalists, Professor Kerry Bone, founder of MediHerb, Lee has developed deep and unique insights into the clinical application of modern western herbal medicine, herbal manufacturing, herbal product development and herbal quality control.

Lee splits his time between his private Brisbane clinic and the USA where he regularly conducts insightful and practical seminars on the clinical application of western herbal therapy.

A passionate advocate of the old principle, “doctor as teacher”, with an avid interest in herbal and biomedical research, Lee is a natural at interpreting information from the cutting edge and making it accessible to his audience. Lee empowers practitioners and clients alike, bringing relevance and meaning to clinical practice and good health to people’s lives.