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An Introduction to Wholistic Methylation 

Speaker: Dr. J Ann Dunn BS, DC, CKP, CWK

In this one-hour webinar, Dr. J Dunn will share:

  • The importance of knowing your unique biochemistry and epigenetics
  • How to support your unique genetic expression with natural medicine
  • Wholistic Methylation: What does it mean?

About the speakers:

Dr. J Ann Dunn is the Author of the Book Wholistic Kinesiology, and Perfect Health in Paradise, CEO of MyHappyGenes, creator and innovator of Wholistic Kinesiology, and Wholistic Methylation, teacher and lecturer.   For over 30 years, she has practiced natural medicine researched, and taught her groundbreaking techniques to hundreds of individuals who, like her, are on a quest to find an alternative solution to allopathic medicine. 

Dr. Dunn began her career in the Natural Health Industry after a long bout of ill health, which drove her to seek out alternative healing methods.  The results she experienced peaked her interest in Kinesiology, and she decided to study and learn this amazing technique herself.  She eventually developed her own technique, combining anatomy, physiology, emotional work, bodywork and nutrition to create Wholistic Kinesiology. Since then, she branched out into studying Genetic variants and their effect on our health, our brain and our mood. She teaches practitioners around the world how to interpret genetic tests and design nutritional programs to make the most of your genetic potential.  She recently began a project to help the world become happier and healthier by making the most of their genetic potential called Her philosophy is to treat the person as a whole being, not just a collection of parts and symptoms.

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