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Aduco products are exclusively distributed to healthcare professionals, who draw upon their expertise to offer product recommendations and design customized health regimens tailored to each patient’s distinct health needs.

3rd Planet

With a foundation rooted in visionary thinking and an ambitious goal, 3rd Planet is on a mission to redefine health as something that’s both accessible and affordable. Through in-house formulation and direct collaboration with healthcare professionals, 3rd Planet has pioneered nutritional supplements that boast exclusive combinations of ingredients not found elsewhere. 3rd Planet’s approach to developing their formulas integrates state-of-the-art scientific rigor without compromising the life force of their ingredients, ensuring full potency is retained for your well-being.

Focal Evolve

Focal Evolve provides a comprehensive selection of dietary supplement formulas across diverse wellness categories, including detox, gastrointestinal support, bone health, brain support, and immune health. High quality clinical research drives the purpose behind the Focal Evolve brand. Focal Evolve supplements prove highly effective when designing protocols for patients with exceptionally specific food sensitivities or complex nutritional demands stemming from advanced disease states.

Quicksilver Scientific

Quicksilver Scientific stands at the forefront of cutting-edge nutritional systems, particularly focused on detoxification. Their expertise lies in developing products featuring an exceptionally absorbable liposomal delivery system and use-friendly heavy metal testing kits. Quicksilver Scientific supplements are designed to actively support the body’s comprehensive detoxification process, facilitating the restoration of optimal health and well-being.


Celluma is an advanced LED therapy device that harnesses specific light wavelengths to stimulate cellular activity and promote healing. This FDA-cleared, non-invasive technology is used for various applications, including skincare and pain management, offering proven results. Discover the science of rejuvenation and wellness with Celluma. 


Quinton, inspired by the groundbreaking research of Rene Quinton in the early 20th century, specializes in marine plasma solutions. Harvested from pristine ocean zones, Quinton’s products harness the therapeutic properties of seawater, delivering a nutrient-rich mixture of minerals and trace elements aimed at enhancing overall well-being.