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Enzymes in Digestive Health,

Speaker: Ryan Frace, Focal Evolve clinical consultant

Join us for "Enzymes in Digestive Health," with Ryan Frace, Focal Evolve Clinical Consultant and Justin Toal, where we delve into the critical role enzymesplay in optimizing digestion and overall health, drawing from the latest research and clinical applications. 

Justin and Ryan will discuss:

  • Phases and Impact Factors: Detailed analysis of cephalic, gastric, and intestinal phases, and examination of genetic, aging, medication, and lifestyle impacts on digestive efficiency.
  • Clinical Integration and Research: Practical protocols for enzyme therapy, supported by cutting-edge scientific studies.


About the speakers:

For the past 20 years, Ryan Frace, Focal Evolve clinical consultant, has worked with all disciplines of practitioners to help with education and integration of supplements into clinical practice.  Ryan’s background includes extensive work with product development, marketing, and distribution.  Ryan lectures extensively in the U.S. and on occasion internationally.  Ryan lives in Edmond, Ok. with his two boys Ford and Sutton.

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