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Sarah Outlaw's Top 5 Therapeutic Mushrooms

Join us for a unique webinar featuring the renowned Sarah Outlaw. Sarah, a clinical nutritionist and herbalist with over 15 years of hands-on experience, is celebrated in our community for her expertise in uncovering the root causes of complex health issues through advanced muscle testing.


Delve into Sarah's unique perspectives on the application of therapeutic mushrooms in practice as well as her top five groundbreaking discoveries. She'll also share insights from real cases and practical protocols.

About the speakers:

Sarah is an owner, lead practitioner & director of Natural Health Improvement Centers of South Jersey & Des Moines. With a Master’s in Applied Clinical Nutrition, she's a certified Health Coach, Clinical Herbalist, and Advanced Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner.

Renowned speaker and author of the Real Life Outlaw blog, Sarah brings over 15 years of expertise, using a non-invasive muscle testing method to design personalized nutrition programs since 2014. 

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