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The Missing Piece Of Mobility: Training The Visual And Vestibular Systems

Speaker: Marisa Pugliano, NC

Even though the visual and vestibular systems have an enormous impact on movement, they are all too often overlooked when it comes to improving mobility and reducing pain. In this special one-hour webinar, Marisa will cover simple yet effective drills to improve the functioning of these systems, which often leads to many positive changes in overall physical ability, including improvements to range of motion, strength, agility, reflexive stability, and stamina. As desirable as these changes are, they eventually strain the system if the body isn’t first primed nutritionally to adapt to them; therefore strategies for diet and supplementation will be discussed as well.


About the speakers:

Marisa Pugliano is an NC and Neuro-Anatomical Functionalist based in Oakland, CA. She specializes in transforming aging, injured, uncoordinated, and/or unmotivated folks into athletes. She is co-creator of AgeProof Project, a neurology-based educational platform that strives to create a paradigm shift in our societal expectations about aging by teaching adults how train themselves to live independent and fulfilling lives longer. 

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