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Utilizing Mushrooms in a Veterinary Setting

Speaker: Tom Cameron, DVM

Let’s talk mushrooms!  While various cultures around the world have used mushrooms as medicine, modern research backs up what the ancient healers reported.  Mushrooms can be  powerful tools in the veterinary world with lots of supportive benefits.

Join us to discover how mushrooms are poised to become major players in veterinary medicine. 



About the speaker:

Dr. Cameron earned his DVM from Michigan State University in 1982. A long-time proponent of canine and feline nutrition, he speaks nationally on the role of therapeutic nutrition in veterinary medicine. After 25 years of private practice, Dr. Cameron spent nine years as Director of Veterinary Education and Technical Support at Standard Process Inc. Other areas of interest include photonic therapy and cold laser treatments. He continues to teach veterinarians and pet owners how to use nutrition and targeted supplementation to optimize health. He owns Cameron Veterinary Consulting (


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