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Clinical Power Hour: Cardiometabolic Syndrome

Speaker: Dr. Davis Brockenshire
Date | Time: Thursday, May 30 | 1 PM - 2 PM PT
Location: Virtual meeting via Zoom
Price: Free

About the Speaker:

Dr. Davis Brockenshire is a graduate from Logan University and has been in practice for over 20 years. He is internationally known as the “doctors’ doctor”. Dr. Brockenshire is a post-graduate instructor in Applied Kinesiology, Naturopathy, Herbal Therapy, Clinical Nutrition, Athletic Injury Management, Pediatrics, Homeopathy, Rehabilitation, and is a Certified Blood Type practitioner. He is also Board Certified in Physical Therapy. Dr. B. enjoys specializing in Advanced Functional Medicine, Functional Nutrition, and Vital Functional Neurology. Dr. Brockenshire is a faculty member and on medical advisory boards for several international institutions. He also lectures globally, which keeps him current on the latest research in human wellness and performance.