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Speaker: Ryan Frace, Focal Evolve consultant

This “Real Time” hour will focus on navigating the complex world of probiotics. Not all friendly bacteria strains have the same properties, so it’s important to choose a probiotic supplement containing strains researched for individual needs. Learn the key factors to consider when choosing a probiotic and explore how probiotics can diminish perceived stress with Ryan Frace, clinical consultant for Focal Evolve. Join us for Real Time with Justin Toal: Probiotics for Mental Health!

Probiotics for Mental Health webinar highlights:

  • Factors to consider when selecting a probiotic supplement
  • Different strains and their specific benefits
  • Introduction to Lacticaseibacillus paracasei Lpc-37® and its benefits
  • Overview of the new BioPro Calm supplement for stress relief
  • Questions and comments

About the speakers:

For the past 20 years, Ryan Frace has worked with all disciplines of practitioners to help with education and integration of supplements into clinical practice.  Ryan’s background includes extensive work with product development, marketing, and distribution.  Ryan lectures extensively in the U.S. and on occasion internationally.  Ryan lives in Edmond, Ok. with his two boys Ford and Sutton.

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